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Using Translations for Tattoos: Context and Meaning

Context is very important when translating your requested text, message, word or slogan in to a foreign language. This is true whether you want something translated from English in to Chinese, or Arabic to English.

Sometimes a word can have several meanings and the meaning can change based on the context of the word.

An obvious example would be the English word bear, which can refer to:

  • A literal furry Bear
  • To bear an item or weight
  • To bear emotions or endure a situation
  • It could mean to bear a child
  • It could even mean to bear in a direction

    If you were to translate a word like 'bear' in to another language, a typical software based translator is going to guess what you wanted and the context.

    You may want to have a great tattoo of the chinese word for your favourite animal and end up with a tattoo that means you are heading off south-westerly.

    If you are planning on putting a design on to your body or someone elses body it is wise to double check the meaning; try reverse translations; and preferably get a native speaker to confirm your text! We do have some human translated tattoo ideas in our gallery, but again, there may be inconsistencies with the meaning you would like.

    We cannot confirm any translation directly; the responsibility is with you to check!

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