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Translation Tools

Please find below a list of tools that may help you translate an existing foreign language tattoo. Don't forget to visit our professional translation page to find out more about using a certified human translator.

Symbol drawing tools

Naver -
Here you can select from Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Russian, Vietnamese and Hindi. Click the pen symbol and draw the characters in your tattoo. If the translation is not available in English, simply copy your drawn words and translate them using our tool!

LINE Dict -
A simple interface that can quickly translate Chinese characters. Select the paintbrush next to the search bar icon.

Yellowbridge -
Offering a more advanced interface, yellowbridge allows you to draw multiple Chinese characters. It also has a search for radicals which makes finding complicated, difficult to draw Chinese characters much more simple!

A great interface with very straight forward character drawing for Chinese characters (simplified and traditional.)

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